Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Deleted Posts & RAK

Good Evening! So, listen to what I did this afternoon. I was editing a few of my posts that had the label "Storage Units, Ink & More", because I had mispelled the label. In one brief second, I accidentally deleted three of my most recent SUINK posts (including today's post). I just sat there and stared at my computer screen for about 5 minutes; I couldn't belive it. In the past, when I've deleted a post, it asks me "are you sure?", but it didn't this time. So, I had to go back and redo all three posts and thank goodness I rememberd most of what I typed...LOL!!! You can't really tell by just glancing at my blog, except for all of the WONDERFUL comments that were left for me are gone *insert sad face*. Any who, I guess I'll have to be more careful next time.

I also have another Birthday RAK to share with you. I received this SUPER CUTE card in the mail today from my blogging buddy, Michelle. Thank you so much Michelle; I LOVE IT!!!

I'm off to get ready for a New Year's Eve party that we are going to tonight. We NEVER go anywhere on New Year's Eve unless we are spending the night there, so luckily for us, our friends four doors down are having a party this year, so we can walk...LOL!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve!



Sorry about your posts, alot of work goes into them... I feel your pain.

Have a safe and Happy New Year.


LOL @ walking to your new year's eve party...that should be safer....unless you are too drunk...and it's icy...and you slip and fall off the sidewalk...and land in the street...and a bus is coming by...and that just would not be good - ROTFL - hope your night was great!

Blogger is so touchy....what a pain to have to recreate all that; enjoy your new year's day!