Monday, November 17, 2008

Youngest SASI Fan...LOL!!!

Saturday I was at my stamping desk making a card for Taylor's Cupcake Challenge this week (which I'll post tomorrow) and had my holiday SASI stamps out. My youngest Daughter Erin (who is five) asked if I could stamp some images for her to color (she always asks me to do that when I am stamping...LOL), so I did. She took the images into her room and proceeded to color them. A little while later she came up to me and said "Mommy, come see my room". I said "I did honey, you did a great job cleaning it". She said "No mommy, you have to come take a look at it again, PLEASE???", so I did.

I walked into her room to find the CUTEST thing. She had two pieces of white computer paper and a card she made set up on her Winnie The Pooh chair like she was going to take a picture of it (like I do with my cards). Well, of course I had to take a picture of it...LOL! After I did Erin said "Mommy, take a picture of me with my card too." Then, she said "Wait, I have one more." As she was switching out her images I quietly heard her say "Steady, Steady" as if the small piece of paper was going to break if it fell on the floor; it was priceless. I laughed, told her how adorable she was, and then thought "I think she just might be the youngest SASI fan...LOL". I've attached some pictures; isn't she just the cutest?!?


Stephanie Sullins

AWW!!! What a cutie!:) She did a great job too!:)

Taylor VanBruggen

This is absolutely adorable! What a cutie! And yes... I believe we've found the youngest SASI fan! :)

Pegg S

She is beautiful and already an stamper!! What a cute story!

Basement Stamper

OMG, that is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing it!


Your daughter is adorable and she did an excellent job on her cards! What a sweetie! Monkey see, monkey do!


What a cutie! Love her card too :) She will be bloggin soon!


Susan (susiestampalot)

that's hilarious, laura! audrie (who is 5) does this all the time, too!!!


how adorable! like mommy like daughter. great job coloring her cuppie!